Winter is perhaps the best time of year to photograph the coastline. With the trees bare and grass a faded green, heading to the coast, where the low Sun and deserted beaches are, provides great opportunities. Living by the coast makes this a bit easier, and the Sunrise / Sunset times mean that getting into position is not as hard as at other times of the year.

A successful outing depends on a number of things, the most important being the weather conditions, which will dictate the outcome of the shoot. For example, some decent sized waves can add a touch of drama. The time and tide are also an important factor in planning, a coastal scene can be completely different at low tide, this is why its worth making a preliminary visit to the location.

Wicklow Coastline Sunrise

My favorite places are along the east coast (as this is where I live!) and heres a quick rundown of some of them. Starting in north county Louth you have the rugged coastline of the Cooley Peninsula – Carlingford Lough provides many foreground opportunities when the tide is low. On the south of the peninsula, lies the mud flats which also provides great photographic opportunities. Running southwards, Annagassan and Salterstown feature regularly on local photographers places to visit, and is one of my favorites. Dunany point is a good place to capture sand patterns. The rugged coastline of Clogherhead is a favorite of mine but can be difficult to get into position – I have many war wounds from this coastline :) .

Clogherhead Sunset, Co. Louth

 The Shipwreck – or whats left of it – on the Baltray coastline has produced many fine photographs. I’ve yet to get a shot I like. Further south you have the dunes at Mornington, where with a full tide and a rising sun can produce dramatic results.

Outside Louth/Meath, Wicklow is a great place for coastal photography. Brittas Bay has a bounty of Photographic opportunities. I think the Wicklow coastline is largely unexplored photographically, partly due to some of it being very difficult to get to and also because public access to other parts is not allowed.

One last thing, remember your tripod, for long exposures and reflections a tripod is a must…

Port Beach, Co Louth